On Purpose for 2016!

For the past few years, I’ve been part of a growing trend – to select one word for the year, rather than set a bunch of resolutions likely doomed to failure.

The one word concept works for me. Throughout the year, my word often serves as a little bird that flutters in my brain at the point of decision making, keeping me on track. Sometimes it serves as a sit-down-and-contemplate-for-a- while-experience. Previous one-words for me include: Now, Faithfulness, Obey.

Those previous one-words were chosen after meditation and consideration, but this year, the word came to me like a bullet. I heard it in a moment and grabbed it for the year with an assurance that this word would serve me well.

My word for 2016 is Purpose. Or more specifically: Purposed.

As in “But Daniel purposed in his heart…” Dan. 1:8

Fifteen times, the word “purposed” appears in Scripture. In all but four verses, the word refers to God purposing to do something. Only Daniel, David, and Paul were people that purposed to do something. One purposed in his spirit (Paul), one in his heart (Daniel), and one in his mouth (David).


The Dictionary tells us that purpose can be a noun or a verb:

Purpose 2016


Purpose is what motivates us in life, what moves us forward. Without a purpose, we’re left to wander and to wonder why we’re doing anything, why we’re even here. But God created each of us with a purpose. And by discovering our purpose and working all we do within that purpose, we can accomplish God’s purposes and experience fulfillment in life.

So this year, I am purposing in my heart, spirit, and mouth to walk and talk in God’s purposes for me.

At each point of life’s decisions, whether  large or small, the little word “purpose” flutters across my brain and begs me to ask the question, “Is this opportunity within God’s purpose for me?” If not, I have the freedom to gracefully decline without feeling guilty. If yes, I experience the confidence to move forward boldly.

God’s purposes aren’t always plans or definitive actions. His purposes include growing in the fruits of the Spirit, developing Christ-likeness, resting in His presence.

Ultimately, for me, my purpose is to bring an eternal perspective to everything here on earth. There is an overarching purpose for each of our lives, and the daily circumstances and roles we play are small ingredients in much larger divine recipe.

Do you have a word for the year? What is it? And why?





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