Mary Had A Little Lamb

Destined to be a new Christmas classic, Mary Had A Little Lamb tells more than the familiar Christmas story. With beautiful illustrations, contagious rhyme, and a powerful surprise ending, it tells us all what Christmas is really about, imparting essential life lessons, most importantly, that God is real and speaks to us today. A parent guide provides myth-busters and key talking points to bring truth and deeper meaning to the well-known story. Help make your Christmas more meaningful this year. You’ll wish you had this book when you were a child.

Mary Had a Little Lamb by Susan Panzica

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What People Are Saying

“If you’re looking for a splendid new Christmas story read to share with your children this season, the writing and illustration team of Susan Panzica and Zach Brose have wrapped up a beautiful gift in jeweled tones to match a treasury of words to the purpose. Susan retells the true biblical account of the birth of Jesus Christ in a way that connects, in context, to His life ministry, death, and resurrection. She has crafted a Christmas poem with childlike innocence and simplicity to captivate the child in all of us. Her lyrical play on the familiar “Mary Had a Little Lamb” nursery rhyme draws the reader into an anointed tale-spin of epic biblical proportion, in terms that are direct and easy to understand. There is a reverence about each double spread, as the illustrations in bold colors leap from the page in a stained glass effect, as though backlit by the light of the words. Whimsical expressions on sheep and shepherds, angels and wise men are inviting. But, the follow-up to the clear-cut verse is what sets this Christmas book apart from the rest. Each illustration is again rendered in miniature next to parent/child Talking Points which clarify the Scriptural setting and understanding of each verse with a Bible reference, and in some cases, a challenge question to ponder. The Myth-Busters segment further separates fact from fiction in understanding the significance of the Christmas story. When all the fluff and misconceptions are swept away, the fullness of God’s Word is amplified for young and old alike. Here’s an excellent addition to any church Sunday school or children’s church library. For my part—I’ll not only be adding it to my grand-girl’s Christmas package, I’ll be tucking it under the Christmas tree for myself as well.”

Kathryn Ross

Storyteller and Author, Fable Springs Parables Picture Books
Pageant Wagon Publishing

“This is a beautiful little book with a big message for everyone.  The story of Jesus’s birth is told simply and powerfully through graceful poetry and stirring pictures, but this is more than just a story.  It charges the reader with making the Christmas story part of their own lives and helps to give a new illumination to the true meaning of Christmas.  Keep it forever, and read it again and again to bring the message of Jesus’s redemption to your little ones and all of your loved ones.”

MaryAnn Jones

Director of Children’s Ministries at High Mountain Church, Director ARCH educational tutoring, and Elementary Teacher

“When I finished reading the book to my 8 year old grandson, he ran to his father with the book and said, ‘DAD! Come see what God looks like!’ That’s the impact the book had on my grandson. And on me too!”

Marge Ebner

Grandma and Director of Children’s Nursery, High Mountain Church