Can we agree if we disagree?

Felt like cloth

“What was that???”

Under the covers, my husband’s foot had just brushed against mine.

“That was my foot.”

“But… but… it…felt…like….. CLOTH…?”

“I’m wearing socks.”



He was absolutely perplexed that anyone would wear socks to bed. We had married in the heat of July. It was now September, and an autumn chill brought out the necessary socks for my perennially cold feet. He’s like a human radiator, and it was beyond his comprehension that anyone would wear socks under the covers.

It’s been 30 years, and he no longer wonders about my socks. He even requires me to wear them because he’s experienced how bone-chilling cold my feet can get, and he definitely doesn’t want to ever brush against them unless they’re snuggled inside socks!

How often do we assume that the way we see things is the same way everyone else does? Only to be surprised, even astonished, when people don’t see things the way we do.

My husband often tells the story of a young bride who always cut off the end of the roast before putting it in the pan. When her husband asked why she did it, she replied, “That’s how it’s done.” Since his mother never did that, they asked her mother why she cut off the end of the roast. Mom said that her mother had always done it. So they all went to grandma’s to ask the reason for cutting the roast. “Why, my dears, my pan was too small to fit the roast!”

How often do we assume that we know the right way to do something without considering that there might be another way?

We live in volatile times where people find it increasingly difficult to consider another’s point of view. Even as Christians, we can get tunnel vision unable to see a situation how others do, whether they are believers or not.

According to Scripture, our mandate is to live at peace with EVERYONE, whether they share our perspective or not.

  • If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Rom 12:18

  • Make every effort to live in peace with everyone. Heb. 12:14

  • Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you. 2 Cor. 13:11

That means we need to listen before we speak. We need to try to comprehend other’s views, even if we disagree with them. We can agree to disagree agreeably.

Because Jesus came to die for them too.

As we prepare to celebrate His birth, let’s heed the angels’ words to bring peace on earth and extend good will toward men –and women ;D





Another assumption we often make at this time of year is that everyone knows the Christmas story. Well, they might know the popular characters, but do they know the real meaning of the story? Do they know they are reciting the holy Word of God when they sing Christmas carols?

My children’s book Mary had a little Lamb is not just for children. It’s an opportunity to share the gospel with someone who may not know the whole scriptural truth of why Jesus came and that God can speak to us today.

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